"I had so many questions; What did I do wrong? What was he thinking? why did he leave me? Someone once told me that people that complete suicide are selfish - I’m not sure I agree. Once someone is gone, it is easy to contemplate what they were thinking, and only think about the mess they left you with, and the struggles ahead. But isn’t that selfish? I mean this person just took their own life - I can’t imagine how they came to that conclusion, but I can only believe and hope it was not an easy one. I quickly learned that I was the selfish one……I was so obsessed with why he chose to do this to me, but soon realized that he did this to himself; it was not about me. That is hard to accept."

from “I Think I Know How Again” by Nicole Orsargos (via TWLOHA)
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Sorry if I’ve been a tad inactive.

Thanksgiving holidays and what not. Happy Turkey day to all of you, and I hope you’re doing great.

Love is the movement.


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What’s your story?

Why do you support TWLOHA?

I would really like to know. [:

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"We are left with the questions, with the weight of all the memories. The only sense that i can make of it is that Nicole now has a story to tell, that her words will serve as a gift to other people, her scars suggesting that they are not alone in their wounds, not alone in their questions and their remembering…"

Jamie T. (via TWLOHA)
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Guys, please do this for Jamie T.

Jamie has been nominated to receive a Woodie award from MTV. More specifically, the Good Woodie. If Jamie wins this it can do amazing things for TWLOHA and spreading the word about the cause. So please, vote! For more information check out the video:

Jamie Talks Woodie Awards from To Write Love on Her Arms. on Vimeo.

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